Getting Started with Video

Hello fellow humans! My interests also include 20 years of still photography & editing. Thus my video style – very young! – is a progression of my photographic style.

I’m learning and having great fun exploring both the art of motion photography and the film digital dark room in my usual fashion; playing with stylistic looks with abandon, and combining the spontaneous with the polished. I’m at the beginning of my film journey and just having great fun – I hope you will enjoy as well.

In these first few videos, I’m shooting with a Fuji X-E3, soon to move to the X-T4 with it’s superior video capability and upgrade sensor. I have been devoted to the Fuji cameras since their first X100 – their phenomenal lenses, their incredible dynamic range and delicacy of color.

My lenses are either the legendary 35mm 1.4, or the 18mm 2.0