how to audiobook with severe hand injuries

Oh covid!  You scamp!  You came for my hands – you didn’t realize that I’ve had hand injuries since my 20s and I HAVE KNOWLEDGES. That doesn’t mean, dear readers, that things are resolving quickly….this looks like it will be a long haul.  And thus I have created even more hands-free editing tools for myself. [how…

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a day in the editing life – a very very rambly post, with visual aids!

Today, I edited!  Many editings! There are a lot of steps to editing, and they vary from project to project – but I thought it might be fun to show some of the my steps and explain what they are and how they help get to a finished audiobook 🙂  Everyone has a different workflow,…

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Notion, guys. Notion is The Shit.

Phew. Thank goodness for Notion helping me keep track of my progress on Current Book (on the last 3 books, actually) – because I am so natively INCAPABLE OF THINKING IN AN ORGANIZED WAY.  I’ve tried everything I could find over the years to help me keep track of and be reminded of my scheduled…

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