Unplugged: reading from The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. leGuin

I have never ending awe and wonder at Ursula leGuin’s writing, and The Dispossessed lives deep in my heart.  Enjoy my adoration 🙂

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if you could ask me to natter on about something…what would it be?

reposted from a tweet-thread: Filed under ‘random but looking forward to it; send help’ A few months ago I had the fun task of scaring up a lrg/med diaphragm USB mic that might remotely match my *cough* expensive mics so that there could be a reasonable match of 2 people in 1 audiobook. I researched…

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Podcasts! ‘Unplugged’ and ‘Faces of the Tsunami’

Links to both my ‘Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Quarantine Edition’ and ‘Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Faces of the Tsunami’ podcasts are available on the main page (with links to google podcast, apple podcast, youtube & stitcher *pantpantpant*) I’m having a great time with these podcasts – and had multiple reasons to start recording…

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