Podcasts! ‘Unplugged’ and ‘Faces of the Tsunami’

Links to both my ‘Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Quarantine Edition’ and ‘Ivy Tara Blair: Unplugged ~ Faces of the Tsunami’ podcasts are available on the main page (with links to google podcast, apple podcast, youtube & stitcher *pantpantpant*)

I’m having a great time with these podcasts – and had multiple reasons to start recording both of them, which they are fulfilling immensely and pleasurably! Hilariously at the same time I am working on not one but TWO books on contract and I am sO EXCITED ABOUT BOTH OF THEM I COULD JUST HOLLER.

So now when i sit down at the mic I go ‘okay, record a podcast episode as a warm-up AAAGH WHICH PODCAST TODAY?? WANT BOTH!’ and then once that’s done I go ‘okay, record professional audiobook AAAGH THEY’RE BOTH SO FUN AND THERE’S NO TIME PRESSURE ON WHICH ORDER WHAT DO I CHOOSE?? WANT BOTH!’


I am grateful, truly Iam – and I’m having a wonderful time, reading wonderful prose, written by delightful authors 🙂 at the same time, I am still le covid tired and i’m having to meter my energy wisely.

‘Unplugged’ is all about casual readings of scenes/chapters from my favorite authors over the years, read informally and with some ‘eee here’s why i love this bit’ commentary from me at the end. You could say ‘Unplugged’ is pure narratorly indulgence for me – and it is that indeed – I wish every audiobook I was paid to record was as marvelous as all these Hugo and Nebula award winners I’m reading from for fun. MY ASPIRATIONS, I DO NOT DENY THEM.

At the same time ‘Unplugged’ is at this time subtitled ‘Quarantine Edition’ because so many of us are sheltering in place, and there is literally not enough inspiring or cathartic or magical material on the internet for everyone who might need it, and if I can put some thing like that out there, I feel strongly that I should use my gifts to do that.

‘Faces of the Tsunami’ is an autobiographical account of the relief efforts aboard the USNS Mercy hospital ship, with the medical portion being led by Rear Admiral Bill McDaniel MD. The story is equal parts harrowing, deeply moving, heart breaking, victorious, technical, medical and compassionate. The author is my father, and the book is just flat-out beautiful. I feel honored to narrate it.

Once the podcast of this book is complete, it will be released in total in audiobook form. I intend to start a Patreon for the book, with tiers for photographs that accompany each chapter – and there are many. I may even interview the author – and I can guarantee that that would be an utterly delightful listen 🙂


I hope everyone reading this is well and safe – and please, stay home, socially distance, AND WEAR YOUR MASK.

Bless 🙂

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