– an Audible-type subscription platform for audiobooks, that GIVES MONEY TO YOUR LOCAL BOOK STORES! like, but for audiobooks!


OH MY GOODNESS OMG OH MY!!!  When Chad Musick and Cinnabar Moth Press told me about , and how we’d be distributing our audiobooks through them because 1) they offer international distribution  2) they distribute to LIBRARIES!  and 3) they get us out from under the amazon/audible monopoly distribution and their [truly abysmal] royalties payments but still put our books on amazon/audible – I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED.  For all 3 reasons!

findaway actually distributes to so many international options that I literally had not heard of most of them, and so didn’t really pay attention to names.  And then last week (while languishing with some miserable virus) I heard Hank Green mention on his & John’s podcast, Dear Hank and John when referring to his audiobook use (he apparently really loves audiobooks!) (augh I’d love to record for either of their work; I’d love even MORE to record for their video/audio education company Complexly, oh man would I ever.  ‘I believe in what they’re doing,’ doesn’t begin to cover it…).  An audiobook business I’d never heard of?  Well, I have yet to follow up a recommendation from either of the brothers that I wasn’t impressed with so I went to check it out.

Now, since the pandemic introduced me to – an online book store that helps pay your local book store and keep them in business – I have been posting links and generally ranting and carrying on about them ever since.  It never occurred to me that someone had created a business that basically did the same thing (are the 2 associated? probably, come to think of it) for audiobooks!  You can do a monthly subscription, just like Audible, OR one at a time!  but you are no longer throwing money at the big a/a monopoly and thus are no longer supporting their exploitative business model that ranges from authors & narrators right down to packing warehouses. is that business.  If you’re used to Audible subscription, you can have the same deal; if you want to purchase one audiobook at a time like on Amazon, you can do that.  Either way, your money supports your local bookstores and I cannot THINK of a better way to spend your book dollars!!

Needless to say, being me, I went on twitter and generally freaked right the fuck out to all and sundry about libro, am posting all of my twitter audiobook promos with the libro link first and a/a second, and I have updated my website to heavily favor the libro links for each book with a larger font and am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS AAAAAAAAA!!!!

So, that was my fun discovery this past week 😀  And a nice break from feeling miserable in bed!


my page!

Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream  by Elizabeth Roderick

Not My Ruckus  by Chad Musick

Red Shoes  by Satyros Phil Brucato  (coming soon!)

Valhalla With a Twist of Lethe  by Satyros Phil Brucato  (coming soon!)

Pads for his Throne and The Rescue  by Olli Crusoe


a sample of the distribution options through findaway:

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