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An Audiobook Narrator Goes All In

I am Ivy Tara Blair, an audiobook narrator, producer and musician, who is also fascinated with editing, sound design, post-production, foley, and soundscaping.
My heart and soul project, is the Dream the Rogue Planet podcast, written and directed by my collaborator and dearest friend, The Resident Metaphysician.
Jewelwing Audio covers not just my published audiobooks, but all my other audio projects as well: free audiobooks; podcasts I create or am a guest on; editing and production on audiobooks recorded by other narrators; my occasional music both recorded for podcasts and for my own pleasure; and larger-scope projects on which I wear a lot of hats.
Discover the joy of audiobooks out from under the A/A monopoly umbrella, by using Libro.fm – an audible-type subscription model, that lets you financially support your local home-town bookstores!  My libro.fm page is here 🙂